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Client Testimonials

As someone who is new to this area of medicine, there were a lot of unknowns and questions along the way. Given the virtual nature, having a resource to check in with and have time to talk through thoughts has been very helpful. Myrriah has been a great resource and guide through the whole experience from sharing best practices, to listening, and with helping me explore certain areas of uncertainty. -M.B.

My overall experience was really nice. Myrriah made me feel very welcomed and provided an environment where I felt comfortable and empowered to share & create! I enjoyed the open dialogue and the opening meditation. -S.J.S.

I connected with Myrriah when I was struggling with a distressing psychedelic experience that was making my day to day difficult. Myrriah has been nothing short of amazing - she has been empathetic, listened non-judgementally, and helped me look at my experience through different lenses, ultimately helping me to turn my experience into a positive and pivotal learning point in my journey of self awareness and transformation. I’ve been seeing her 1-2 times a month and she has helped me immensely through processing both psychedelic experiences and coaching me through life’s ups and downs. I will recommend her to anyone in the same position as me.


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